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Trademaster Plumbing, Inc.  has 35+ years of experience in all types of residential and commercial plumbing.  Call us now at (716)668-5851 to get on the schedule.  For your added convenience fill out our “Get A Quote” or “ask us a question” form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

  • Water Leaks

  • Drain Cleaning

  • Water Heater/Boiler repairs/replacements

  • Toilet Repairs/Replacements

  • Faucet Repairs/Replacements

  • Water Lines Installation, Repair and Replacement

  • Sewer Lines Installation, Repair and Replacement

  • Gas Lines Installation, Repair and Replacement

  • Gas Pressure Test

  • Back Flow Prevention

  • Sump Pumps

  • Install Sewer Clean Out Access

  • Grease Trap and Interceptors

  • Lift Stations

  • Leak Detection

  • Color Video Camera

  • Commercial Remodeling

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Business can not operate without proper running water. The health department requires a business to shut down if employees and customers do not have access to clean water. This pushes you into the no profit zone. Don't let that happen! Give us a call and we will be there immediately!

Common issues of water leaks:

  • hear a continuous sound of running water

  • water meter reading changes when you are not using any water

  • walls or floors have wet spots

  • find warm spots on the floor (on concrete slab floors)

  • large wet area in yard

  • water is pouring out of ceiling



Tackle water and sewer line problems or installation with our expert services. Water and sewer lines can degrade over time causing problem to vital utilities to maintain you and your family well-being.

Common issues:

  • pipes are clogged

  • water backing up into drains

  • excessive drain cleans not due to foreign objects in line


Commercial property plumbing is much different than that of residential properties. Let us handle the big stuff!

Common issues of water leaks:

  • need to update

  • make the area your own

  • remodel to fit your needs

  • family size increasing

  • time to make ADA adjustments to plumbing

  • need to make your bathroom accessible for elderly

  • your bathroom layout has just never worked for you


We service all types of water heaters, electric, natural gas, propane and tankless heaters. Trademaster Plumbing is your solution plumbing company.  We will have a service technician on their way to get your problems solved.

Common issues:

  • leaking

  • not heating up water

  • water heater is too small for demand

  • water heater is outdated

  • switching from electric to gas or gas to electric

  • going tankless


Whether you have a new appliance to install or needing to repair the one you have, we have the knowledge to get the job done. 

Common installations and repairs

  • Walkin Cooler/Freezers

  • Washer / Dryer

  • Commercial Dishwasher & pre-sprayer

  • Stove

  • Refrigerator installations & repairs


Plumbing problems cost money. Smell gas or suspect a leak of any kind. Don't leave it to guessing. Let us address the issue at hand. Don't put your employees and customer at risk.

Common issues:

  • gas line has a leak

  • suspect a leak

  • smell gas

  • new service connection

  • gas bill has been high when you have had low use

Can't find what you are looking for? 
Need help with a specific plumbing service need not on this list? 

No worries. Give us a call and explain your vision. We will help you see it through to completion.

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